PS A-school is located in Meridian, Mississippi. 

I attempted to keep a diary in A-school.  I was not there for too long and did not have much of the opportunity to be alone to write much in it.  Not that there was much to write about. 

It didn't happen to me but beware of hazing, which is most common amongst the males.  They tell newcomers they have to do "TV" or "microwave watches" and the new people are so scared they actually do stare at the electronic appliances for hours upon hours.  Basically if you don't have a PQS signed, there is no need to do whatever watches you are told to do.

There were a few females that were notorious for "selling" herself and how she'd do certain things with guys in back of buildings.  I don't recommend starting anything in A-school.  I mean a lot of members have no idea where they are going to end up and it just seems silly to me for people to be hooking up here.  If you are a female, you will be strongly targeted.  I didn't like all the attention anyway.  For the most part, I didn't like a lot of the people there, though there are a few quality people worth keeping around as friends.  This one guy who had a crush on me asked me to be his girlfriend despite the fact that he was going to be stationed in Japan.  It just seemed silly to me. 

I almost got involved with this one other guy that was sweet talking me.  He got stationed in Whidbey Island at the end and he started to call me up and asked me to visit.  We talked on the phone virtually every night.  He said he was single but he felt like he was already going out with me and felt like a couple.  So I started to like him and I did visit him on Christmas to see how things would turn out.  Well he wore a silver ring which was most suspicious and I asked if he was getting married or what and he said no- his best friend, a female gave it to him.

Then there was this whole ordeal as to whether or not he had a myspace.  He said he didn't.  Well when I got home, I looked him up and he did and that very day I visited his fiancee was writing how he was going to be the best husband in the world.  I was sick to my stomach.  So I am never trusting military males every again.