Created 11/25/09


The mission of this site is to inform others the raw truth of military life.  I would like to collect the experiences of others and together we can reduce the unnecessary foul treatment, lies and abuse inflicted on unfortunate souls.


Thinking about joining the Navy?  Well, this is a website on my experience with the Navy.  I signed up in July 2006.  I was innocent, gullible and naive, believing every word the recruiter said to me.  After realizing the number of lies they spun, I feel disheartened, disillusioned and depressed.  Their lies were bait to lure me in like a fish on a hook.

High schools and college campuses are full of recruiters and they will tell you only what you want to hear, the good things.  They do not tell you the reality of military life and things that will make you turn the other direction. 

While I realize the military is the best thing for some, it is not so for others.  This is not a site to bring down the US government.  I will leave that to Michael Moore's documentaries.  It is merely an informative site, based on my experience. 

If you have a negative experience to share, drop me a line and I will be happy to post it.  I welcome stories from all branches of the military.

Please- no angry comments on how ungrateful those who do not appreciate military life are.  Again, this is a site for educational purposes only, for those who are confused about the military, to provide them a means to make a fair assessment as to whether or not they can handle the military life.  Aside from a few forums from individuals with regrets with invectives as the only response thrown at them for expressing their unhappiness, I have encountered few resources that show the dark side of how enlisted Navy personnel are treated.  There is a dark side to everything and people are either afraid to reveal it or don't know how. 

The military offers many benefits, the pro-Navy will argue- college money, health care, exchange for serving in times of war.  Pro-military folks will comment that I'm a fool for signing up in the first place if I was worried about getting deployed or leaving home.  I understand perfectly that currently there is a "Global War on Terrorism"; that I signed up to give up my life and freedom...However, there being a "Global War on Terrorism" is not an excuse for recruiters to lie to get bodies; it is not an excuse to allow some to treat others like a dirtbag; it is not an excuse to be doing drugs of all kinds; it should not be a reason to allow prostitution on ships; nor should it be a reason to sexually harass or ridicule minority members, despite Navy policy's "Zero Tolerance" policies for such appalling acts.  You will see or at least hear about these acts all over the place.  Navy classroom training instructs you to report any wrongdoing to your immediate supervisor and make sure it goes up the Chain of Command.  Unfortunately though, due to political and bureaucratic reasons, reporting these heinous crimes are usually dismissed. 

In addition, those who were poorly trained to do their Navy jobs due to poor quality of leadership are looked upon as being incompetent and crazy for asking questions, when in fact these individuals are highly intelligent beings within the civilian sector. 

This site is for those people who just want to be heard, to let out their frustration or to get some sympathy.  After all, misery loves company.