Navy Story #1

This all started in 1982.  From what I have heard it is still going on.  You are right that there is nothing you can do to erase the memory but you can prevent it from happening.  Recruiters lie and try to paint this fabulous picture of the military to get unsuspecting people to enlist.  It isn't unitl it is too late that people find out the awful truth.  It wasn't until I was sent to my shore command in Washington D.C. that everything came to a head and I just could not function anymore.  When I was recruited for the Navy I was recruited as a Nuclear Technician.  More specifically as a Nuclear Proplusionist.  It was a highly specialized field.  I was flown form Odessa, Tx to take the Nuclear Test.  I was wondering why I was given such special attention.  I.E. my own private room having my test graded while I was taking it.  When I asked the proctor what was all the hub bub about, he told me that my recruiter would get a really good bonus if I went in as a Nuclear Tech.  I told him that was not what I was really interested in doing.  I would have to go to school for two years before my enlistment even started.  So I chose Data Processing.  My problems did not really start until I got to mys ship U.S.S. Enterprise CVN 65.  I was assigned to S7 the data procsessing division.  it was a secure work space meaning you needed a code or a key to get  in and out.  It is there that I was sexually abused.  Drugged and raped, racially abused (At the time I was the first black trained in computers in that department).  I was abandoned in the Phillipines with nothing but the clothes on my back.  When my shore rotation finally came around I was sent to Washington D.C. and had a secret clearance for the Pentagon.  When I got to my new duty station the difference between how I was treated was like day and night.  It made me question why I had to endure 2 and a half years of pure hell.  When I went to try to get help for what I was going through, the old ways of the Navy came quickly back.  i was misdiagnosed and discharged.  It took me up until 5 years ago to even begin to learn the truth.  i struggled for years after my discharge.  i would not allow people to get close to me or make friends.  I was too humiliated to let anyone know what had happened to me.  When I put in a claim for benefits a second time a couple of years ago I was denied because they said that I lied on my enlistment.  The funny thing is that I did not find out the truth unitl about 5 years ago when I went to a civilian hospital.  On my ship you did not get medical treatment unless you were friends with someone in the medical field or the right type of person.  All this started from a mosquito bite in the Phillipines.  I now live off of a small social security disability check.  Social Security says that the military should be paying me instead of them.  i was also knocked down a flight of stairs on my ship and left laying unconcious on the ground.  People just stepped over me and kept going.  Yes there is something you can do.  Or at least I hope there is.  I was told if I could find others that have had things like this happened to them or any really bad experiences, it would help my case and bring attention to what really happens in the military.  The military has their own spin on the truth.  I have seen people "disappear off of a ship while out at sea at night."  I have had numerous tests done on me to see if I was making this all up, and they proved I wasn't.  My life went from a happy optomistic person to a total recluse.  I would like for the military to admit what they did to me was wrong.  The doctors did not run any test on me or try to help me they just fed me alot of bull and released me.  I have spent years trying to get someone to help me with this.  As you can probably understand it is really hard for me to trust anyone, but I need to find someone that can help me.  It has just been a few years now that I have even been able to walk into a large store like walmart without having an anxiety attack.  I still break out in a sweat though. 

Thank you for at least reading this and giving me hope.  There is more but I tried to sum up.  This is the first time I could actually get through this without getting emotional.  If there is any other info you need let me know.  I have a copy of my military record with all of the original inaccuracies.  For example when I was bitten on the neck in the Phillipines and woke up sick.  I was placed in the hospital.  My records say that I got sick was in the hospital and went back to my ship.  What really happened was I had a high fever drifting in an out of conciousness.  I gave my wallet to whom I thought was a military nurse to lock up.  She stole my money out of it and disposed of the wallet.  No one believed I was in the Navy.  They said they had to contact my ship to see if I was a crew member.  It was a lie no one contacted my ship.  I was stuck there with the clothes on my back for over a month.  Someone told me about a mars station and they snuck me in there so I could call my parents to tell them what was going on.  My dad called our congressman who was a friend of his and he started an investigation.  The commander said he wanted me out of there, and I was sent to Diego Garcia.  A rock in the middle of the ocean.  I just took my chances and hoped from plane to plane until I got to the US. ( unfortunately it was all transport planes)  I got to San Francisco and called a friend to come pick me up.  I went to the base in Alameda, Ca where my ship was homeported.  They told me to come back in a month when my ship gets in.  I asked how was I suppose to live with no money and no place to stay.  I was told it wasn't their problem and if I had a friend to stay with.  I left the Phillipines with no money,and no food to eat until my friend came to pick me up at the airport.  Since I was a stow away on the plane I was not served a meal to eat.  The irony of all of this is that I had a secret clearance for the pentagon and for my department in the navy and I worked in DATA PROCESSING.  So i got to see things most people don't.  So if you can find others out there that have suffered in silence and get us together or can provide info to back up what I have written, that would be a start.  There are too many people out there that believe everything the government tells them.  Things haven't changed just the phrasing.  You know like "freindly fire"    Thank you for reading this.  Because of all that I have gone through even to this day it causes me a great deal of stress and anxiety to even write this.  It took me 4 hours just to write this.