10/14/06, Saturday

In Meridian, MS, after 1 1/2 day in Atlanta, which totally sucked.  Met some other fellow Navy people and got into a taxi with them.

Got escorted to “Mean Gene’s” where it turned out Lu was at.  And some guy asked me to go see a movie and bowl with him, so he ended up escorting me back.  It was weird.  He said he likes 1st class girls or something and wanted to hug me.  His name was Wert, his rate an RP.

10/15/06, Sunday

Met him this morning and he led me to a lake with mist.  It was cool.  He said that it looks like we’ll just be friends.  He wanted something more.  Didn’t mind I was 6 years older than him?  Weird.  So, that was the end of it.  He tried to put a flower in my hair and froze when I asked what the heck he was doing.

This place is weird.  In the middle of nowhere.  There’s a courtyard where everyone smokes.  It’s crazy.