This would have to be the best unit I've been in.  Members here were truly exceptional.  There was one guy that was kind of a downer and complained a lot, but he was harmless otherwise.

There's not much to say because shortly I decided to move to another state.

There's this sheet that had to be signed off showing I'd spoken to all the key people like the Training PO, Travel PO, EPO, CO, XO, etc.  I don't think I got that with the other unit.

I was given instructions to get security clearance.

I was also told to consider what dates to go to AT.  Their first ATs would be in Pearl Harbor.

Well one of the officers of the unit wanted to speak to me.  He said I needed to look more confident, that I shouldn't smile (I was smiling only because I was kind of nervous and people usually say it's good to smile) so that I could look more tough and get the respect that I deserve.  He said everyone made mistakes and he told me about his divorce because he wasn't paying enough attention to his family; he was a computer geek and fiddled with computers all day and night.  He was a computer forensics which sounds pretty cool.  He kept saying I needed to gain confidence...I don't know how though.  Another officer is an actor/ model.  Maybe I should take some acting classes or something.

There's a female that asked what unit I came from and nearly exploded when she heard I was in Kingston's unit because she told me what a horrible CO she was and how she calls her by her first name; and she's like don't call me that; we're not friends.  She said her husband was an officer and maybe he could help me with my officer package.  She also said that she would have become one too if she hadn't gotten pregnant. 

There was this one PO that was in charge of "care packages".  One member was in Afghanistan so he was collecting things to donate to send to him.  Well I found Harvard Business magazines in my room never read so I donated those.  Well, the wierd thing was he told me he opened them up to read them because he was interested.  I didn't think that was right because they were for the guy in the Middle East, not him.  The sad thing is I don't think anyone else contributed to the care package.  People put in their unfinished granola bars and other snacks.

I think maybe the reason this unit was so cool is that nearly everyone was pursing a college degree so they were smart and easy to talk to, unlike the other one in which most people chose to get pregnant multiple times at a young age and forgo higher education completely.