10/16/06, Monday

Boring brief from 0515 to 1600. 

We got introduced to the guy in charge of the MWR.  He asked us what we would like to do.  I asked about skydiving.  He said there’s no skydiving.He says it’s not allowed during training.  I asked about horseback riding.  He doesn't know anything about it.  

Met the CO.  People fell asleep.

There’s a Welsh guy- Aston.

Finally bought the plastic pocket protector thing for IDs.  We're supposed to wear our IDs clipped to our shirt pocket.

Got the sheet for Watches.  A week to get it all signed.

This is so boring and retarded.  I’m tired.  Rained today.

Sparkman started off the brief with cooked bacon and raw bacon.  That’s what the front of our utility shirts should look- uncooked= smooth.

10/17/06, Tuesday

We were supposed to bring the JQR to class.  AZZ said, but we didn’t even need it.  Brown was like he was going to beat me up.  And Haygood keeps touching me- kicking, touched my year, tapping my shoulder, so irritating.

RP2 said I was quiet.  And Lu was like he knows me.  He’s such an idiot.  Troisi asked what I did and I said student and he asked if I got my degree and I was like yeah.  Got my MS and his eyes were wide open.  He said why are you here and I was like I don’t know.  He said I needed to go talk to the officer that dealt with officer positions- more pay.  He’s a great enthusiastic guy.

The lecture was on Sexual Harassment, Suicide, Alcohol policy, fraternization, hazing, really stupid.  I wasn’t sleeping, just bored and stupid Escara was like stand up.  Troisi said he understood.  I would rather be working on a thesis or something.

Finally, got to check my mail.  Bon Terra called apparently.  They had a Pasadena office, looking for an Environmental Planner and wanted to interview right away.  The recruiting agency saw my resume on Monster!  For water utility.  And rejection from URS in Santa Barbara.  Why do I live?

Started roving watch.  The guy I watched practiced with was bunkmates/ roommates with Troisi and his partner was all in love with him.

I went to the Commissary afterwards, but it closed at 1800.  Went to Mean Genes since Galley was closed too.  The lady gave my $16 in $1s.  Could have warned me.  I wore utilities.  Needed to be in whites.

Went to tiny store across from QD.  Saw Finder, who hadn’t gotten her C-bag still.  We sat on the steps, watching the smokers.  I’m irritated with people here.  Especially with Lu, who was like don’t copy when I wasn’t.  And some kid was like What are you doing when I was reading the goddamn manual, Section 200 part missing.

I hate this place.

10/18/06, Wednesday

I’m Duty Section 4.  The muster starts.  Then AZ2 Howard checks people’s trouser bottoms/ socks and pockets and took the cell phones!  Then the section leader 1 goes on about texting and calling.  It was so retarded.  When I go in to see chief, he was like “why did you have it on you” and I said I use it for alarms.  I wasn’t calling people, just to remind myself of where to be and he was like “you don’t know where to be?”  This is what eats me inside.  Working for seniors who are dumber than you.  He says to write an essay on why it’s important to follow instructions.  It kills me.  Because it depends on what instructions!  I would not agree on following stupid instructions, for instance.  There’s nothing wrong with possessing a freaking cell phone.  I wish someone would shoot me just because of the existence of this rule.  What kills me even more is that this chief flashes his phone on his trousers.  What a Leader.  Do as I say, not as I do.  Just freaking brilliant. 

I realize everything’s an illusion.

Wert exited the QD same time as me after I got my phone and was like “we’re not talking?”

And I said I was mad and he wanted to know why and the Chief comes out, looking at me, tapping his freaking watch.  It was a gd trick.  I ask him what his hours are so I can get my phone.  His response was 5 years.  He’s here all the time.  I go down at 2145 and he doesn’t get in until 2200, the bastard.  Enough of that. 

This whole useless day was on STDs.  That’s what was emphasized.  We went to medical, a few were told our teeth needed to be cleaned.  There was a dumb argument in what DT and RDG was.  And forms we had filled out at MEPs were filled again.  Pics of STDs were passed.

Dental grill protection crap passed.  Vanilla scented.  Condoms were passed.  Why are they encouraging sailors to think sleeping around is OK, especially knowing condoms do not have a high success rate?  About 80%?

RP2 told the medical people that I was a smart reservist, with a MS and everything.  And some woman was like “why is she here?”  Why don’t you ask my fucking recruiter?  I wanted to say.

I’m starting to feel like an idiot.  I wish I were dead.

My life holds no meaning.

Haygood said Berlin’s a great country.

He touched my hair in class and asked if it was real.  I want to punch him so bad.  He thinks we’re cool, but we’re not.

The library had cupcakes.  Terry, the escort, is in my group- Section 4.  They say, it’s got the dumbest leaders.  No other group tells us we’re crappy, have us empty out our pockets. 

That little store holds 4 people.  Limited # in the QD too.

I stood the MOOW.  That girl could not answer my questions.  Like where are fire alarms at the schoolhouse and admin bldg?  Her response was “you don’t need to know it, no one enforces it.”

Went to Commissary.

Trip to Applebee’s tomorrow.

I just want to get off base.  Is it good to isolate myself?  I hate these people.  Especially the ones who wear unclassy, skimpish, trashy civilian clothes.  How do they expect us to get the JQR signed?  We’re in class until 1700.  Galley closes at 1830.  Watches are secured for indocs at 2030.  How fucking ridiculous is that?

The only productive thing that came out of this whole day was having done laundry.  I’m surprised my clothes are dry (cycle was unfinished.  I stopped it so I could be on time for duty) nor stolen.