Coast Guard Story #1

I was glad to see your posting and share some of my thoughts and experiences about my time in the USCG.
I served from 1975 thru mid 1977.  My immediate supervisors were all a bunch of pot heads! I had great
responsibility as an instructor at the recruit training center. Several of my fellow instructors were
sleeping with female recruits at local hotels during they're liberty time. I found this to be morally
reprehensible. It was senseless to complain to the Chief Petty Officer because he was an alcoholic barely
able to get thru a 2 hour stretch without a visit to the 'chiefs club'. He would literally stumble into
work - if he made it at all. Because I was not a part of this group of losers - I was thought to be
untrustworthy; a narc of sorts. This held me back in promotional opportunity. The station supervisor, a
chief warrant officer - and fine man - recognized and assisted me in transferring to another duty station.
By that time the seeds of discontent were already planted and all I wanted was a civilian life. I
thought many times about taking legal action against the govt. for tolerating this environment which
subsequently ruined my career goals. I hope and pray that anyone still alive who was stationed with me
reads this blog. This type of behaviour would never be tolerated today.