10/1/06, Sunday

Shower at 0700.

Holiday routine.

0950 “optional” drill practice.

I can’t march.  And I hate marching.  Can’t turn.  Especially hate being behind Lamkin.  She smells bad.

  Ford and Davis called me into their office.  Davis asked what my bunk number was.  Where I was before joining the Navy and what my job will be.  Then Ford asked if I had allergies since my mouth was swollen for so long.  If I was allergic to Novocaine.  That was weird.  I wonder why all the questions.

Cantu, Cantrall, Bernard, Buckle…got advanced.

We got our badges to be sewn onto our uniforms.  Funk congratulated me but I don’t see why.  I’ve always been an E-3. 

Practice for battlestations again.

The biggest obstacle is the drill.  And test #3.  I hope I can get through this week.

10/2/06, Monday

Yesterday, the drill went OK.  We got a flag for it.  2 hits.  That’s all I remember.  And PT. 

At firefighting, I got lost in smoke chamber with Lamkin in front.  Heard Barr’s voice, which helped. 

10/3/06, Tuesday

Test #3 went well.  Those PKP extinguisher diagram was in it, just like the guy from Tranquility said.  The average was 4.2.  Everyone passed although Gorham hasn’t taken it yet.  Sabas, Christophe and Jackson’s ASMO from NQS.  Their seabag is very heavy.  From the male side, Greer left.  And Cenal will too.

Today’s mostly practice for battlestations.  I got Oglesby, Jordan, Jackson, and Errais (who was on watch) for the Marlonspike thing.  Oglesby and Jordan are like borthers, doing everything together; it’s crazy.  Even using the Head.  There was a lot of yelling.  Singing cadences.

There was class on Conduct Ashore and I was the first called to stand in the back.  I wasn’t sleeping though, getting close, I suppose.

We got our seabags ready with swim rolls.  Blue’s a bit neurotic.  She’s like telling Hawkins to put tape on the tag before putting it on the C-bag and stuff which was wrong.

I’m nervous about tomorrow.  But I guess like everything else, it’s because we don’t know what to be expecting, just a vague idea.

Hermosillo yesterday said she was sorry boot camp was ending.  How can anyone like this kind of lifestyle?

Nix didn’t pass her PFA.  I don’t like her AT ALL!  She looks like an evil doll with her small beady eyes and thin lips.

Good-bye to sleep and rest for the next 2 days.

Some mother wrote an anonymous letter to the division.  I guess it was thoughtful.  Turned out it was Philip's mom.

Got our paycheck stub for September.  It was only $300.  Botts was like $700 and TYD $4,000!  Not to be nosy.  There was also a 4 day leave.  I hope I can do so after boot camp.

My right side gum is hurting again.  I think the inflammation must be spreading.

When muster was being called, the males (Errais) yelled from the Head and people laughed except me and Robbins was like don’t you have a sense of humor and whether I thought humiliating someone was funny.

I told her the tree joke and the Coo8 joke.  She didn’t think it was all that funny but she laughed.  Maybe she didn’t get it.

I’m so depressed but I need to be motivated for the next 2 days. 

Hermosillo said some of the guys we came with were in the 900 division, the all guys one.  And they’re graduating a week before us.  No one knows how that happens.  We’ll be on hold just because we’re waiting for other divisions.  It’s pretty dumb. 

10/5/06, Thursday

Battlestations is finally done and over with.  1900 some guys in coveralls rushed into the compartment saying some missile or torpedo hit the ship.  We got into battledress in under 5 minutes, did the whole screaming thing.  There were like 3 stragglers in our group Delta/Charlie team.

They loved Prettyweasel’s name, so she was our team leader.  We had to say “We are Prettyweasel’s roadguards.  We keep PW from getting hit by a car.  We are not unique and beautiful snowflakes.  We are cold blooded killers.  Crap like that.  And we were to sing Judas Priest before entering a building.  There was PO Rabe and Eucharias.


1.                  Finding bodies in Smoke environment

2.                  Bombs

3.                  Firefighting I

4.                  Marlenspike

5.                  Magazine flooding

6.                  SRI

7.                  Search & Rescue

8.                  Life Boat swim enter and exit

9.                  Firefighting II

I don’t know what I was doing half of the time.

The running in between was a killer but I didn’t stop.  Lamkin was always at the back.

Anyway, we all made it out, and that’s what counts.

Fauci was all tired looking.  And Blue would say unmotivating crap like “walk with a purpose”!  I don’t like that. 

We marched down to the hall, meeting up with A+B+ div 342.  They played Lee Greenwood’s song while passing out the Navy Ballcaps.  A lot of people cried.  Out of tiredness and lack of sleep or out of happiness and relief, I’m not sure.  Chief Davis shook my hand.  It was the first time she looked me in the eye and I looked at her and she didn’t scream and yell.  Funk cried hard.  I don’t know why.  I guess I would have, thinking back on all the crap I’d been through the past 8 weeks.  I’ve more respect for myself than I’d ever felt before.

We had a nice brunch afterwards.  It was supposed to be 40 minutes after the last person was seated.  But it sure didn’t turn out that way.  I just barely had pizza, Philly Cheesesteak, a donut, and a muffin with root beer and everyone was leaving already!

Cleaning and doing nothing afterward.  We integrated and Ford told us to pray and put our books in front of us.  That was a hint to nap.  Caldero stormed in though and screamed.  Funk says I snored!  But Southerland and Botts were really loud. 

Made phone calls!  Parents are in ROC and definitely going to the graduation. 

Yesterday, the males had to get haircuts and being in that building took me back to the awful days of P-days.  Seeing freshly shaved, cut confused, sad, fearful looking heads..

Robbins, Southerland, were all talking down to them, like “I get to graduate next week and you don’t”.  They’re such bitches.  Selfish brats.

10/7/06, Friday

Yesterday, I had watch when everyone went to pick up pics.  When they got back, they got IT’d because Strangler demanded a phone call from the RDC. 

We started watching GI Jane.  Then some PO talked about donating to a charity.

Also, the 9mm computer course.  Jackson, D. helped me with the test.

Today, the Captain’s Cup.  At Freedom Hall, we had to do a chant.  The 1st group was funny, with 2 roadguards.  The last group started breakdancing, which got them disqualified.  I think I saw Lu.  He’s in 343.  

Finished GI Jane today.  Started Thin Red Line.  People have started cutting out their pics.  Shine shoes.  It all ended when Strangler was caught sleeping.  We had to stand at attention for half an hour.  Then Chief said to try it again.  It’s holiday routing now that our training’s over!

The Pos are wearing their winter blues, which are black.  It confuses me.  During watch, I stumbled on the words PO.  I started to say Sailor Lin and Ford said say Seaman Recruit.  An officer came in later and he was like “you have your Navy ball cap, so why are you saying SR?”  He was new and just asking.  He was visiting toe SIQs- Hermosillo and Smock. 

There was a whole Head drama, with Southerland.

And lining up for chow, she shushed everyone and Carter said something about “collar device games.”

Everyone yelled at Lamkin for leaving her dirty skiviges around.  Holland yelled at her.  And Lamkin cried and told someone from 342.

I can’t wait to leave.

10/9/06, Monday

Yesterday, Bannerman said I had coarse hair.  It was supposed to be a compliment.  And she played with it.

I think I’ve grown indifferent and even more numb to everything.  I hate everyone here.  Caldero was like saying he was working on his MBA.  And someone was like he plays basketball and someone else asks what he’s getting his degree in.  He said a freaking MBA people. 

Today, Chief went over the enlisted to officer programs.  More stupid questions.  Chief told Balance to put off on marriage and kids.  And Bui and Hawkins were like saying since they were foreign born, the couldn’t be in the program to have some job and I was called into the office and asked where I was born.  It was dumb.

At chow, a lady coughed on a cake, but I didn’t know and got it anyway.  Oglesby asked me for bread in a rude way and everyone laughed.

Then Onyika asked everyone how we thought about the boot camp experience.

Some people actually said it was enjoyable.  Roger’s comment was that something must be done to improve people’s run.

I should have stood up, said how bored I was the whole time, mentally unstimulated.

Then Onyika went over A-schools.  I wish I were here.  He pulled up the calendar and there’s skydiving on Sunday.  I want to go to Skydive Chicago.  Not that I have my logbook stuff with me.  It’s been over 4 months.

I’m surprised Gugino wouldn’t go.  Errais seemed to show interest in it.  Dolfer got me to say “are your people coming?” 

Botts asked if there would be LPOs and Onyika got fed up with the dumb questions.

We got IT’d today- 7-2.

After chow, bickering as to who told the PO about an inappropriately disposed female sanitary napkin in the trash can.  Why the chain of command wasn’t used.  Think it was Sankey who reported it.  Then McDougle asked me if I ever argued.  I do, but on relevant issues.  It’s not worth arguing about dumb things here.  I’m so depressed.  Madrid is too.  She said she wanted to see a counselor.  3 more days.

Movie:  Few Good Men.

10/10/06, Tuesday

Terrier woke Head crew up and went back to bed.  I had my utilities on but then Funk said we weren’t leaving for early chow.  Sledge, Flannigan and Moy had already left though.

The major event was Pride Run.  It killed.  I was doing well, behind McCrea.  Then McCrea wasn’t keeping up.  Sankey ran in front of me.  I ran in front of McCrea and soon the males were passing me and I was behind.

Doty was having problems and Christphe was trying to motivate us.  Soon, it was over, but my calves were hurting A LOT!

Hygiene.  Dental.  A whole bunch gone.  12 people.  McCrea, Carpenter, Funk, Heandon, Balance, etc.

It wasn’t too bad.  I told them not to numb me.  The dentist was going to.  I almost went along with it until they said it would be a while for the numbness to work. 

The rest of the day was spent doing nothing.  I was sitting next to Madrid who was lying down and then Chief Davis walks in.  She calls me.  And asks “What are you doing sitting back there by yourself?  You have no friends?”  Then she says to carry on and I told Madrid who laughed and I was like I’m going somewhere where there’s more people and I don’t get picked on.”  There’s that corner with Bui, Kirkland, Thompson and King and Carpenter and Jenkins.  They laughed at me.  King said there was one person who thinks have lost weight but really gained.  It’s sad.  It was all talking crap about people.

I told Flannigan and Bui my Houston tree joke.

Went to male compartment where a PO talked about the FMF or something.  Lamkin, Desomma, Moy, Marbach are going to be Corpman.  I asked about PS and he said they had to be good with people.  He asked if anyone felt they have not changed and I was the only one that raised my hand.  Onyika said “you have not said anything for the past 8 weeks.”  And the last time he saw me was when I was SIQ, which is false.

Then he escorted the PO out.  We had to stand in front of our racks when he got back because it was too loud.  Plus, he wanted to know who was making fun of the person he had made cry during P-day or the whole division was going to CM.  Oglesby, McCallister and Desomma spoke up.

Mail.  I looked at Roberts pictures.  His girlfriend looks like someone from Atomic Kitten and he looks like he could be in Westlife- a very glitzy look.  Desomma fishing an Alaskan salmon or something.  Jackson’s baby who looks white.  I didn’t say anything. 

Laundry passed out.  That was it.  Watch 1200-0200!  I’m the night Watch. 

10/11/06, Wednesday

People are getting pink eye right and left:  Fauci, Thompson, A.  Blue had it too.

Today rained a lot.  The 5 cycle run killed my calves.  Other than that, it was fine.  Most of the people were gone to get signatures to complete their order packets or something.  MAs are being put on hold because the San Antonio/Virginia bases are filled.

I’m an individual traveler to Meridian.  We waxed the floors.  Davis IT’d some girls.  Kirkland was like “See you in my office, Chief.”

Seeing Last Castle with Robert Redford and Mark Ruffalow.

Dinner was disturbing with Dolford and Jordan across from me.  Dolford had 3 cupcakes and asking for more.  Jordan demanded Botts put PB on his RK treats.  Tomorrow pizza party.
Should be interesting.  I hope I get the chance to pay for the Cruisebook.

Onyika’s the OOD tonight.  Barely saw him today.

10/13/06, Friday

Graduation today.  Got to see parents.  We had to be back at our compartments by 1200 and Funk was stupid and thought it was ten til and said we had to go back now after graduation.  Why did I have to listen to her?  Parents and sister were all waiting at Nex for me.  Then we were told we had to be at the quarterdeck at 1300, but the bus didn’t come until 1400.  It was retarded.

Met parents at the airport instead.  They gave me my cellphone and left.  They had a hotel in Wisconsin.  I should have gone with them.  My flight got delayed until the next afternoon at 1700.  And even that one got delayed.