11/3/06, Friday

I suppose if I didn’t keep falling asleep in class, I’d be done by now.  I was ahead.  I think I’m 2nd after Zamzow, whose 26 years old. 

Just now, some guy was like “can you speak louder” and imitated my voice.  “Excuse me’.  Needless to say, it didn’t sound like me.  He was on the phone.  And he said “I’m deaf.”  I wish I had said “if you were, then how did you hear?”  Sorry for not screaming at you.

This morning, we had dress blues inspection.  Freezing for like an hour.  I was told to get a lint roller.

On Sunday, Adam showed me the horse stables.  It was neat.  Why civilians keep horses here and not allow us to ride them, I don’t know.

11/16/06, Thursday

I get to leave today.