10/23/06, Monday

Reading Beyond the Darkness- My Near Death Journey to the Edge of Hell and Back.  It’s not very good.  About a girl who was abused and grew up, married with kids and losering her mind, trying to kill herself.  Then she believes god helped her.

Today’s typing class was a joke.  Although, there were people who struggled.  Lu, me, Aston, Tassone, and Zamzow were the first ones to class up.  Dominquez joined later.  Terry’s in that class, although he’s done soon, tomorrow.  And we’re having some party.  I volunteered to buy spoons.

After class, we had to go to the auditorium. RP2’s been shaking my hand all day and saying HB.  When I came back from the head, people started saying “Happy Birthday” but it wasn’t quite complete.  It was weird. 

I went to the NEX to buy the 1” binder, hiliter and stuff.  Then Chow.  And RP2 asked how I liked him getting the class to say HB to me.  Inside the galley, I sat alone.  RP2 said I ought to get at least a f-ing cookie with a candle.  Then Abner sat at my table.  Kid from Michigan- divison 348. 

Showered.  Got in working whites to go meet McDonald and Walker.  I was at the bowling alley for 10 minutes.  Saw Wert with a girl- loony – dressed in civilian clothes.  I’m glad he’s found a girl to satiate his desires.  Went outside.  Called sister.  She can’t seem to get over mother yelling at her for using the wrong pan for frying an egg.  McDonald goes out of the alley in his civilian clothes saying they’ve been waiting for me.  No lanes were open though.  We played pool.  Walker said he wanted to be in a sub and with a SK, there’s potential.  While bowling, Walker talked to his mom with Ryder’s phone.  I felt it was touching.  I’m envious of the cool relationship he has with his mom.  Walker's a riot.  He made up fake names for all of us for fun when bowling.  He put Lynard up for me. 

After the game, Ryder wanted to play arcade so McDonald and I went ahead.  Apparently McD has a twin but didn’t qualify for the Navy due to flat feet and surgery.  I’m amused with twins.  He seems to miss him terribly.  Again, touching.

RP2 said HB on the loudspeaker.  It was crazy.  He asked where I came from, if I’d been drinking, who I went bowling with, did they hit on me, if I had a good b-day.

RP2 from Philly.  Holdan Caulfield’s from Scranton, PA.  RP2 appears to be someone I’d always imagine Holden would act.  Eager to please, swears, close family ties…  It’s hard to explain.

I have him the only name card I had.  He said he was going to call and he never did.

Went to the chapel to play piano.  I was really happy.

I still remember Marriage D’amour, Comme Amour, Maiden’s Prayer, Ballade Pour Adeline and Canon in D.

I’m going to go back tomorrow.

Finder said she had chow watch she didn’t know about and RP2 told her not to let it happen again.  I don’t think it’s anything she should worry about really. 

10/24/06, Tuesday

Today’s a horrible day.  My throat hurts.  Medical sucks.  The corpman was nice.  Ward.  He laughed because I put the thermometer on my tongue, not under.

The Chief said he’d get medication for my cough.  And I”d be sent to see an orthopedic for my cyst.  I’ll be called in next week.  I don’t understand why they can’t do it ASAP.  It’s a freakin 2 minute procedure.

I took my test on References.  Got like a 92.8%.  The instructor told me to take a break and when I came back, he asked where I lived in Texas.  Then what school.  That I should be an officer and crap.  I’d die if I had to go through boot camp again.  Then I was going to the next module as listed on the computer screen and then the instructor was like “look at the tiny gray paper on the board, Rice student.”  “Excuse me.  I’m no freaking mind reader!”

Mann wanted to speak to me.  I nearly lost it because I was frustrated with people giving the wrong info.  I missed muster twice in a row!  Zamzow’s a total twit!  Mental note.  She keeps telling me the wrong times.  Whatever happened to shipmates helping shipmates?

She told me she got dumped.  But she and the guy were never technically together. 

Anyway, I did 1 1/2 mile run in 13 minutes, 10 seconds.  Yay.  Wert was giving Lowery, who stopped, tips.  Surprised at how many people finished after 16 minutes.

Pierre from Haiti tried to get me to believe in JC…at dinner. 

In the morning was a Marine who sat with me because he says I always looked as though someone ran over my kitten.

Inspection sucked.  I can’t iron, what’s Chief gonna do about it?

Bought forks for some party tomorrow.